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24-Hour a Day

       Live-In Care

The Preferred Alternative to Institutional Living


For 90% of seniors, living at home is the only option.  Live-in care provides an affordable solution that enables your loved ones to remain at home - where they want to be.  

The benefits of live-in care include:

  • Improved Quality of Life - clients with live-in care tend to thrive once again in their own homes.  With assistance from a caregiver they can resume the activities they love with the companionship they so badly need.  

  • One-on-One Attention - unlike assisted living, clients receive the full focus and interaction of their caregiver throughout the day.

  • Improved Physical Health - we see it time and again.  Positive mental and emotional well being combined with good nutrition leads to better physical health.  Clients become active and engaged once again in activities and hobbies they had abandoned.

  • Peace of Mind for Family - nothing is more reassuring than knowing someone is with your loved one, not only for their comfort and safety, but also to improve their daily living.  

  • New Relationships - its amazing the relationships that form between clients and caregivers.  The positive emotional, mental and physical impact of those relationships is immeasurable.

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